pre-fab cabins

It’s finally June here in Minnesota which means we are officially able to say that it’s summer! For me, like alot of other Minnesotans, that means spending some time up at the cabin. Not that everyone in Minnesota has a cabin (me included) but it seems most of us still find a way to enjoy the thousands of beautiful lakes we are so fortunate to have here. Since I have cabin on my mind, it got me thinking about a trend that seems to be taking off around the country and decided it would make for a very timely blog. Cabin in photo on front page is The Oceanside Prefab, a modern Wee House prefab cabin in lovely Oceanside, on the coast of Oregon.

Pre-fab cabins are becoming very popular for a number of different reasons, most of which are the same reasons that they are becoming more and more popular as traditional residential dwellings. They are affordable, highly customizable, good quality, and most important for the cabin dwellers, will fit almost anywhere.

The top photo is a pre-fab cabin manufactured by a firm in Copenhagen Denmark. This wooden prefabricated outbuilding, called the Laesely, includes a work area, a shelving unit for storage and a folding bed tucked to a side wall.

The middle photo is a picture of The All Terrain Cabin (ATC) ,designed by Canadian BARK, it’s basically a prefab cabin made out of old ISO shipping containers that are the basis for the structure which has been outfitted totally with Canadian Design and Technology.

The photo top right was constructed by Method Homes, which offers beautiful, energy-efficient factory-built houses that can be manufactured and constructed in only 3 months. Method Homes offers a variety of floor plans, available in 3 series – the Cabin series, customizable homes ranging from 1,200 to 2,800 square-feet; Balance S-M-L series, a collection of small, medium, and large prefab units with a variety of functions; and the Urban series, coming soon. (via Inhabitat)
This small prefab cabin is designed both as a working studio and a sleeping unit. A large window overlooks the garden and a skylight above the bed provides a view of the sky and stars.

Your dream of owning a weekend getaway, hunting cabin, or vacation retreat is getting easier and cheaper and is now able to be realized more conveniently through pre-fab Cabins. I know you probably never expected your special place to be delivered on a truck but I think you’ll be surprised at your options and quality with pre-fab.

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