the modern house and television commercials

Of course, car companies are not the only industry big hitters that appear to like using modern homes in their ads but they are my focus for this blog. If you haven’t noticed before, just start paying attention to television commercials’ use of the modern home for promoting their products. Tell me if you see a dutch colonial. How about a story and a half bungalow? How about the english tudor with bad stucco? No chance my friends! It’s all about modern and I love it!
Lexus has the fever, and the only cure is more modern house

Lexus has been consistent in their use of the modern house to sell their cars. Why would they stop now when it obviously is working for them.
House from Lexus ad.
When Lexus creates a context around their product in their ads they want it to make their cars look as desirable as possible. So how do they do it? Time and time again, they choose to show the owners of their cars as also owners of beautiful modern houses. Not just any kind of house, but the modern house. Because they know, and we all know, that this will immediately signify that owners of their cars have impeccable taste, and that if you purchase one of their cars it will signify that you have impeccable taste, just like the modern house owners in their ads.
Lexus knows this, you know this, I know this, we all seem to know this. But our housing industry here in the US does not seem to know this. Instead of offering the kinds of houses that we all know that we admire and ascribe to good taste, they offer an unending parade of mediocre architecture that screams “help me I’m normal!”. 

Cadillac’s big comeback starts with the modern house

Just as all the other auto manufacturers, when it comes time to show your product in front of a house, they choose the modern house.
Screen shot 2012-08-11 at 2.46.10 PM
Cadillac has had to come a long way to win back the confidence of auto buyers following the near failure of GM. They needed to show their product in the best light, backed up by a setting that made their cars look like the choice of successful and tasteful owners. So of course they put their product in front of the modern house. Its clearly come to be the only choice for shedding good vibes on your automobile product.
Yet the housing industry seems to be missing this widely understood fact. Every ad agency serving every auto manufacturer knows that the modern house equals desirability. Yet the housing industry continues to offer up boring, unimaginative, gable infested behemoths that garner about as much attention as a light brown mini van.

Chrysler’s path to recovery stops at the modern house

We all know where Chrysler has been in recent years. Bankrupt, bailed out, taking a stab at it again, turning over a new leaf, chasing quality, reinventing themselves. This time they are going to do it right, freshen those designs, build that mystique, park their cars in front of the modern house.
Same old cars perhaps, but they have trimmed them up, new headlamps, new logos, new look. And to put that new image across to car buyers, this time they are going to do what works so well for those other car companies. They are going to show us that the kind of person that owns a modern house is the kind of person that owns their car. They are successful, well dressed, perhaps smart even with just the right air of coolness as they exit their shiny new car and vanish into the luxury of modernism. 

the modern house is no stretch for Nissan

In Nissan’s new commercial for their Maxima sedan, the happy couple expecting a baby live in, what else – the modern house. Because, what other kind of house would this hip, yet successful young couple live in? A colonial? Nope. A giant square box with a gable or two? Nada. 
Nothing but the modern house will do when Nissan wants you to understand that their product is owned by people with the exceptional taste of modern design and living. And a sure fire way to make yourself cool is to own their product too. So when Nissan sets out to make sure the owners of their car in the commercial look calm, cool and collected, well they have to be sure to put them in the perfect modern house. Not too big, not too fancy, but 100% modern. The message comes through loud and clear to us. 
chevy volt
Over on the Chevrolet web site the new Chevy Volt has been rolled out, the hope of an ailing industrial giant, the Prius killer, the Hail Mary Pass, the last chance to get it right – call it however you see it. When GM closed its eyes and swung for that home run they did what any self preserving Fortune 500 company would do. They put their product in front of a modern house to make it look good.
chevy volt
Because we all know that the cool folks, the smart folks, the folks we want to be like, the folks that GM wants us to copy and buy a Volt, all live in a cool modern house.

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